We need your help!

We are developing a suicide awareness e-learning training with Greater Manchester Suicide Prevention Board. The training will be around thirty minutes in duration and will follow the See, Say, Support model. It will train users how to SEE the signs that an autistic person is struggling, SAY the words and have a conversation about suicide, and share how and where to find SUPPORT.

If you want a greater understanding of what the training could look like, please access our Suicide Awareness Training - veteran edition.

We need to gather the experiences of autistic people, those who care for autistic people, and professionals to make sure the training reflects real life experiences of suicide within the autistic community.

Thank you to all who have signed up for our focus groups and one-to-one calls. We have now filled these spaces. You can still get involved by completing our questionnaire. Please select the relevant option below. If you identify with more than one of the groups listed below (for example, you are an autistic person who also works with autistic people), please do feel free to select more than one of the options.