The Zero Suicide Alliance is marking the start of 2019 by urging people to make a New Year's Resolution to take our training and help save a life.

Over 100,000 people have accessed our free, 20-minute online training since its launch at the Houses of Parliament in November 2017 with the aim of giving people the skills to talk to those in trouble and help them access services.

end the silence end the suicide

As millions of people around the world contemplate making a New Year's resolution, we'd like everyone to think about taking our training to gain the skills required to help those in trouble.

One of our founder members, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive Joe Rafferty said: "The ZSA online training, built with Relias UK, is a brilliant example of the NHS working with a commercial partner, sharing knowledge and skills in order to make this valuable training programme freely available to save lives.”

The training has used clinical expertise developed at Mersey Care and the knowledge gained by those who have either contemplated suicide or those who have been bereaved by it.

The Zero Suicide Alliance also won the Engage Award for 'Best Use of Training' recently and Mr Rafferty added: "Suicide remains a major problem in the UK with over 6,000 deaths a year and it’s great to see the Zero Suicide Alliance being recognised for tackling this problem."