In the fifth programme, new host and ZSA ambassador Helen Garlick presents a show which looks at mental health and suicide around people of mixed-race heritage.Episode 5 visual.jpg

Helen hears from an entertainment company which has changed the language it uses around Halloween following a conversation with the Zero Suicide Alliance. 

Ashley Byrne talks to Adam Graham from Lancashire, who's set up a local peer support group after his brother took his own life, and there's advice on how YOU can become a #ZeroHero.

We also hear broadcaster Dan Westwood, who reveals why he's joining Helen as a ZSA ambassador. And Freddy Chick meets the Dudes and Dogs from Bristol – a group in which some four-legged pets really are proving to be man’s best friends.

“What we were doing on an unconscious level was contributing to this negative language for mental health.” Daisy Stapeley Bunton (Corporate Entertainment Professionals)

“If you are concerned about somebody and you ask them: ‘Are you thinking about taking your own life?” And that person says yes, research suggests that the chance of them acting on that thought is reduced by around 80 per cent. Just by having that conversation.” Steve Murphy (Zero Suicide Alliance)

"I talk for a living, and the irony is that I couldn’t actually speak out and ask for help when I was struggling.” Dan Westwood (actor, presenter and ZSA ambassador)

“It’s an opportunity to get men out side by side change their environment, change their perspective and give them an opportunity to learn how to talk to other men and talk about emotions and feelings.” Rob Osman (Dudes & Dogs)

Featured in this episode are Rise and Shine Lancashire and Dudes and Dogs

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