The Zero Hero Doughnut Challenge 

The Zero Heroes are ordinary people coming together to achieve an extraordinary thing – preventing suicide. You already know how important the work of the Zero Suicide Alliance is, and we’d love you to spread the word to your friends and families, colleagues and community. Help us raise awareness of the Zero Heroes and their goals by taking part in the Zero Hero Doughnut Challenge.

This August, we’re highlighting the power of Zero by asking you – to do nothing. Well, we’d like you to eat a big, fat, sugary doughnut, but do it without licking your lips. We’d like you to dress up in fancy dress, and film yourself. And nominate everyone you know to do it too. And share it far and wide on social media to show that, sometimes, Zero can count for everything.

Here’s how it works…

  1. First, choose your doughnut. The more sugar, the better. OK, go for jam if you must.
  2. Put on your best fancy dress. Put on ‘a’ fancy dress. Wear your pants outside your trousers. Wear your pants on your head – we don’t care. Just dress up to be noticed.
  3. Eat your doughnut any way you like – down in one, slow and steady or even with a knife and fork. But don’t lick your lips. However you do it, please capture your attempt on film.
  4. Donate to the ZSA. 
  5. Then post to your social media, using #ZeroHero #ZeroLipLick and nominate two friends to do the same.

● Do doughnuts ● Do donate ● Do nominate your mates

Just. Don’t. Lick. Your. Lips.

#ZeroHero #ZeroLipLick

Find your inner hero. Be a Zero Hero.