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Name: Talking Toolkit: preventing work-related stress
Date added: 5 July 2022
Delivery type: Guide
Owned by: Health and Safety Executive
Cost: No
Target audience: Workplace
Core elements

​​​​​​​The toolkit has six templates for six different conversations. Each of these has a different theme is designed to encourage a conversation with employees to talk about issues which may be causing work-related stress.

The template includes action plans so that managers can develop ideas with their employees in how to tackle any causes of work-related stress.

The toolkit themes include:

  • Demands: Are employees able to cope with the demands of their job.
  • Control: Do employees feel involved in how decisions are made?
  • Support: Do employees feel valued?
  • Relationships: Have employees experienced unacceptable behaviour at work?
  • Role: Do employees understand their roles and responsibilities?
  • Change: Do employees think their organisation handles change well?
Supporting rationale

This toolkit is designed to help line managers hold initial conversations with employees in order to prevent work-related stress.

By taking action employers can help create a more engaged, healthy workforce with a reduction in work-related stress.

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