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Name: Suicide Postvention Toolkit - BITC
Date added: 31 October 2022
Delivery type: Guide
Owned by: BITC (Business in the Community)
Cost: No
Target audience: Workplace
Core elements

This toolkit is designed to support employers in their response to the suicide of an employee, at work or outside the workplace.

This toolkit provides:

  • Detailed postvention protocols in the event of a suicide.
  • Preparation for organisations to consider issues that arise from a suicide in the workplace.
  • Plans to reduce the impact of suicide in the workplace and employees.
  • Support for employees and families.
  • Helplines to signpost.
  •  Internal communications and processes in raising awareness of support functions.
  • Education and training for all staff on mental health and managing the risk of suicide, with particular focus on line managers.
  • Bereavement resources for employers.
  • Case studies of organisations applying the postvention model.

To download the guide, visit the Suicide Postvention Toolkit - BITC

For more information, please visit the BITC website.

Recommended by...
  • Supported by Samaritans (UK) 
  • Judith Grant, Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing. (Found on page 5 of the guide)
  • Poppy Jaman, CEO of Mental Health First Aid England. (Found on page 5 of the guide)
  • Laura Hinton, Executive Board member for people, KPMG. (Found on page 7 of the guide)
  • Chris Train OBE, Cheif Executive National Gas Distribution. (Found on page 8 of the guide)
  • Dr Steve Boorman, Director of Employee Health, Empactis (Found on page 12 of the guide)
  • Tony Cates, Head of International Markets and Government, KPMG (Found on page 12 of the guide)
  • Dr Steve Boorman, Director of Employee Health, Empactis (Found on page 16 of the guide)

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Endorsed by...

This resource was developed in association with Public Health England (UK)

The aim of the ZSA Resources is to introduce users to a range of existing and new resources with a connection to supporting people with their mental health, bring awareness to and help prevent incidences of suicide.  The ZSA do not endorse individual resources but instead aim to present standardised information to enable the user to make an informed decision over its use.

For more information on ZSA Resources, please refer to ZSA Policies.

Content last updated: 31/10/2022.

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