The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) has teamed up with an award-winning TV production company, one of the leading UK men’s charities and comedian Romesh Ranganathan to record a special episode of an online chat show that examines the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on mental health.

Released during Men’s Health Week, the programme, called The Mind Shed, was produced by award-winning programme makers One Tribe TV.  Alongside Ranganathan, the show features Tom Chapman, high profile founder of the mental health charity, The Lions Barber Collective, TV presenter Anthony Crank and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Peter Aitken.

The Mind Shed is a new chat show that encourages men to talk openly about topics that are often taboo and was filmed in a video conference-style due to social distancing rules.

Ranganathan said: “The nature of conversation with my friends has slightly changed because I think everybody’s become aware of the fact that mentally, this is actually quite tough.”

He remains a strong advocate of a culture in Britain where there are more opportunities for men to talk openly about any issues they are experiencing – particularly as suicide remains the biggest killer of men under 45.

“Programmes like this that encourage men of all ages to talk more openly about their feelings and what they are going through have to be applauded,” said Christina Spencer, the ZSA’s Communications Lead. “Men are still three times more likely to die by suicide than women and the more we can get them to talk about problems, the easier it is to signpost them towards help.

“We know from research that the sooner someone struggling with their mental health accesses services, the better chance they have of making a recovery. We know the recent lockdown has been challenging for many people so we’re delighted to be part of The Mind Shed.”

Warning: the following video contains language some viewers may find offensive.