As most of the UK basked in sunshine and clear skies, the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) released a catchy summer anthem and music video to help underline the need to reach out to those in need.

The ZSA teamed up with a song writer, musicians and a record producer to put together ‘Talk 2 Me.’ It’s a song which promotes their free online training that helps people recognise the signs of suicidal thinking and gives them confidence to speak to someone in need. 

‘Talk 2 Me’ is written and performed by Zorro Rudasumbwa, a mental health professional who originally came to the UK from Kenya, who explained: "I realised that whatever the weather people can struggle to find someone to talk to.

“That’s bad because the more people don’t open up, have issues locked into their heads and hearts, the more prone they are to depression or anxiety or worse.

“If they feel they have someone to talk to, someone who will reach out to them, then it can make a real difference – it could be a life saver.

“I want people to have the confidence to speak to someone they know who maybe having suicidal thoughts; I think talking can 100 per cent save lives.”

It’s a view shared by the ZSA – a countrywide collaboration that’s brought together bereaved families, over 90 NHS trusts, charities, politicians, businesses and suicide survivors – who are committed to the goal of ensuring suicide is taken seriously.

"It's true this is a serious topic but we've deliberately chosen an upbeat approach to reach people who perhaps wouldn't think friends and family members could be having suicidal thoughts over the summer months," said a ZSA spokesperson.

"There should be a public outcry over suicide. We say it’s preventable and not inevitable. We hope ‘Talk 2 Me’ will point people to our free training and help them to help others because one life lost to suicide is one to many.”

The song is now available as a free download from Amazon and Spotify.