Create hope through action this World Suicide Prevention Day

“Any little thing can give hope, like a candle in the dark” Christiaan Mostert

This year for World Suicide Prevention Day (Saturday 10 September) the conversation is about creating hope through action.

Importance of hope

We all need hope in our lives. It is an important part of staying well and helps us when we’re experiencing difficult times.

Feeling like all hope is lost can be challenging to deal with. It can affect motivation and energy levels and leave someone feeling very alone but finding hope is possible and there are things that can help inspire hope. 

This year, you’re asked to take actions to inspire hope. These can be actions that:

  • Show you care
  • Challenge stigma
  • Share experiences

What can you do?

Sometimes little actions can have a big impactBelow we share some suggestions for actions you can take for yourself and others…

  1. Improve your suicide awareness and be prepared to talk to someone about suicide by taking our free online suicide awareness training.
  2. Write a gratitude diary to remind yourself of the good things that have happened in your day (download our simple gratitude diary template).
  3. Give someone a compliment.
  4. Smile at someone or simply say hello to acknowledge they’re there and you see them.
  5. Ask someone how their day was and really listen to their answer.
  6. Check in with a friend you’ve not seen or spoken to in a while.
  7. Remember to say sorry if you get it wrong. We’re all human.
  8. Try to respond to frustration with kindness.
  9. Get an early night (if you can).
  10. Share positive feedback with someone, don’t just think it.
  11. Do something active (within the scope of your abilities).
  12. Try to say ‘thank you for listening’ instead of ‘sorry for grumbling’.
  13. Listen to music that inspires, empowers, or helps you to vent your feelings (check out these song suggestions for inspiration).
  14. Watch a film that gives you hope and a sense of connection (check out these film suggestions for inspiration).
  15. Read a book that offers you comfort, inspiration or a world viewpoint that is different to yours (check out these book suggestions for inspiration).
  16. Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.
  17. Hold onto the positive feedback you receive. For example, creating a ‘sunshine’ folder in your email inbox to put positive feedback you receive at work.
  18. Practice patience with others. None of us are perfect. Sometimes we get things wrong.
  19. Share the things that help you. This can help others that might be struggling.
  20. Make a pledge to improve the conversation about suicide. Be informed. Challenge stigma.

You can also download our fortune teller as a fun, interactive way to pick a hope related action.

What to do if you feel like you're losing hope

Sometimes we lose hope because we can’t see a solution to a problem or worry. There is always a way through.

Try talking to someone you trust or someone who is trained to listen and help you problem solve and find hope. There are many options but sometimes it can be hard to see what they are on your own.

You can get free, confidential support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from...

116 123
Text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258

You can find information about additional helplines and support across the UK on our support services information page.