Families of university students lost to suicide are calling for legislation to better protect university students.

The group of 25 bereaved families have connected to form ‘The LEARN network’ – lived experience for action right now. They aim to seek meaning from their loss and hope that by taking this action, they can help prevent future deaths.

Lee Fryatt and James Murray are the two dads who shared their personal stories of loss in the student edition of our suicide awareness training. They are part of a group calling for legislation to be put in place to help protect university students and are asking for your support.

What they want to see in place at universities

There are five elements that the group want to see brought in to support duty of care:

  1. Information sharing to ensure the safety of students where there is cause for serious concern
  2. Technology to assist in identifying students who may be at risk and enable early intervention (by people)
  3. Serious incident reviews to ensure that each university learns from attempted and completed suicides
  4. Dissemination of good practice so the whole sector can learn from the past.
  5. Compassionate culture. All of the above relies on leadership to create more compassionate cultures. That cultural change can be a long process and one which we believe would be accelerated by a defined duty of care. We want all stakeholders at university to feel compelled to do the right thing to help prevent suicide. 

Sign the petition

You can support the group by signing the petition and sharing this with your friends and family.

Find out more and follow their progress 

Find out more on the LEARN network website and follow them on twitter @TheLearnNetwork