As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (15 to 21 May 2023), illustrations sharing messages of hope will be introduced across London underground to encourage people to open up and talk about mental health and suicide.

The campaign signposts to available help, resources and training from Zero Suicide Alliance and Thrive London who are both supporting the campaign.

Minus Cloud Nine artist and founder, Charlotte Robinson said:

“I started creating artwork with characters having a cloud for a head in 2014 after caring for someone close to me was struggling with their mental health and would describe it as a 'black cloud directly above their head that they couldn't shift'.

“I used these drawings with the aim of helping to open up conversations around mental health through creativity, workshops, skill sharing and sustainable goods and from this built my business, Minus Cloud Nine,

“I wanted to bring art to the busy city of London to encourage people to stop, take a deep breath, practice gratitude, or even take a snap to send to someone it reminded them of.

“I’m so proud that my illustrations and these important messages of hope are displayed across London. The more people that talk about mental health and suicide, the more potential there is for lives to be saved.”

If you’re in London over the next few weeks, look out for the illustrations. Take a photo or even better a selfie with the illustrations and tag us on social media.

Conversations save lives. We would love to see these messages of hope ignite conversations between others on their good, bad and grey days. But most importantly, remind individuals who may be struggling that they are not alone and to choose to stay.

If you have a #ChooseToStay story, why not use this as a prompt to share it to help spread hope?

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