Type of Entry: Digital
Name: R;pple Suicide Prevention
Date added: 20 January 2021
Delivery type: Approach / Tool
Owned by: R;pple Suicide Prevention
Cost: No
Target audience: Anyone

Core Elements

R;pple is an online monitoring tool that is designed to present a powerful message of hope and encouragement on a user’s device when search material is flagged for harmful content relating to self-harm of suicide.

Features & Functions​​:

  • R;pple aims to minimise the risks of the internet, while harnessing its potential for good, by encouraging users to seek mental health support. ​
  • Keywords and phrases include any words or terminology which have been identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.​  
  • The R;pple tool presents a hope message that aims to resonate with users  before harmful online search results are displayed. This acts as an interception to nudge and encourage users to visit a mental health support page from one of their charity partners.
  • Mental health support resources in a range of different communicative options (helplines, text messaging services, webchats, self-help phone applications, pocket resources).

Supporting Rationale

Content relating to self-harm and suicide following a harmful online search is readily available. Research conducted by R;pple evaluated the current signposting support available on search engines and found that it did not provide enough of an intervention between a user searching for harmful content and the subsequent display of the search results.

R;pple addresses this by providing an immediate, vibrant display on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for online content relating to self-harm or suicide. R;pple also signposts users to instead seek mental health support they deserve and need in a way that works best for them.

Product Evaluation

You can help by expanding this list - contact us


You can help by expanding this list - contact us


Formal Agreements

  • Campaign Against Living Miserably
  • Jacobs One Million Lives
  • Grassroots Suicide Prevention
  • Amazon Smile


  • Start Within
  • The Molly Rose Foundation
  • Darkbeam
  • Hub of Hope
  • Tough Enough to Care
  • PoetsIn
  • Veterans into Logistics
  • Sean’s Place
  • Black Country Blokes
  • 4FrontPartners
  • Mindcanyon
  • Peppermint Wellness
  • Supportline
  • Aamica
  • Mental Health Change
  • I-PRAC
  • Stigma Statistics
  • Maytree
  • Respect Mental Health

To find out more about the partners of R;pple, visit the R;pple website.


Funded by:

  • Eight Foundation
  • Oak Foundation
  • Hampshire County Council
  • QBE
  • Persimmon
  • LLoyds 
  • Lottery Community Fund
  • Southampton City Council 
  • The Barratt Foundation
  • Jacobs
  • Matthew Good Foundation
  • Cyber Essentials Certified

Data Protection Considerations

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has been completed for this product which details the data security requirements within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Additional Information

See below for R;pple's social medias:

You can also register to R;pple's newsletter and donate to them.

The aim of the ZSA Resources is to introduce users to a range of existing and new resources with a connection to supporting people with their mental health, bring awareness to and help prevent incidences of suicide.  The ZSA do not endorse individual resources but instead aim to present standardised information to enable the user to make an informed decision over its use.

For more information on ZSA Resources, please refer to ZSA Policies.

Content last updated: 03/11/2022

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