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Name: QES - Suicide Surveillance
Date added: 30 June 2020
Delivery type: Online
Owned by: QES
Contact: info@qes-online.com
Website: www.qes-online.co.uk/suicide-surveillance
Cost: Yes
Target audience: Wider professionals
Core Elements

The QES Suicide Surveillance system is designed for use by a multi-disciplinary group, allowing councils, Police, Mental Health services, Suicide Prevention groups and other local services the opportunity to share real time surveillance data and coordinate responses.

This system is innovative as it uses a report from the police force of a potential suicide, as the basis for reporting, as opposed to coroner decision of confirmed suicide. This allows for a time frame of days following the incident for information to be added and action to be taken, as opposed to months after. 

Key Features

  • Real-time recording, surveillance and reporting of suicides
  • Facilitates a multi-agency, collaborative approach to implementing suicide prevention and postvention strategies supported by real-time data and location heatmaps
  • Provides a unique opportunity for identifying risk factors, reacting to emerging patterns and preventing further tragedies on a local, regional and national level
  • Thorough notification forms for compiling extensive detail on demographics, characteristics and behaviours
  • Automatic consolidation of a series of details providing a comprehensive view of circumstances in one centralised location
  • Case linking feature ties together connected cases, highlighting common themes in individuals with a mutual link or who may have been known to one another
  • Postvention and bereavement support made more effective by identifying family/friends and witnesses
  • Interactive reporting dashboard provides instant access to extensive real-time data enabling local authorities to identify, and react to, emerging trends and patterns instantly
Supporting Rationale

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This system has been used in London to positive effect, QES are able to show examples of the system capabilities on request, to support consideration of commissioning of this real time surveillance model elsewhere in the UK. 


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  • Thrive LDN
  • City of London & Metropolitan Police
  • London Ambulance Service
  • British Transport Police
  • South Yorkshire services
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