Type of Entry: Digital
Name: Health and Care Innovations Video Library
Date added: 13 December 2021
Delivery type: Digital
Owned by: Health Care Innovations
Cost: N/A
Target audience: Anyone

Core Elements

Health and Care Innovations have developed a video library and phone app contains over 800 videos that support patients to self manage their care at home.

This includes: 

  • 200+ videos that can be used for staff training
  • Option to use library as a trusted video channel in your workplace, where you can add your own video content. To see an example, visit the Torbay and South Devon NHS webpage.
  • Options to fully embed videos into your health system by including permanent links within virtual consultation or appointment booking systems. One Trust saw an increase of 46% of users of their video library by adding links into their Attend Anywhere virtual waiting areas.
  • Ability to personalise content with your own organisation's branding and contact information, links to local support resources and created as a subdomain of your own website.
  • Ability to send public health or hospital notifications to users of the app

The Health and Care Video Library is available to licence in both web and app formats. This includes HCI implementation support to help redesign pathways of care to include digital interventions at the right time and place, as well as the option of having your own Resource Hub.

Supporting Rationale

Health and Care Innovations conducted a patient survey on the library and found that over two-thirds of people who watched a video said that it saved them from feeling the need for further contact with a healthcare professional. As a result, the library is contributing to creating capacity across the health system, helping save money.

The Health and Care Innovations have worked with CCGs and Trusts across the country who are using personalised versions of our Health and Care Video Library to:

  • Help patients to manage their condition at home without a hospital intervention or visit
  • Use videos to support telephone or video consultations
  • Reduce calls to department helplines
  • Use video to make essential face to face appointments as focused, and therefore short, as possible
  • Improve work flow and increase staff capacity

Product Evaluation

If you would like to add anything extra - contact us


App Store: 5/5

Google Play: N/A


If you would like to add anything extra - contact us


If you would like to add anything extra - contact us

Data Protection Considerations

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has been completed for this product which details the data security requirements within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Additional Information

Health and Care Innitiatives are winners of:

  • Health Tech Awards for Digital Pathways and Workforce Optimisation 2022
  • Health Tech Digital Awards 2022
  • Runner up in the UK's 2022 National Patient Experience Awards
  • Building Better Healthcare Awards 2021

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Content last updated: 03/11/2022.

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