Type of Entry: Digital
Name: Holly Health
Date added: 27 October 2022
Delivery type: Digital
Owned by: Holly Health
Cost: Yes
Target audience: Anyone

Core Elements

Holly Health, the digital health and wellbeing coach supports personalised, habit-forming behaviour change for physical and mental health, guided by clinical and psychological evidence.

The digital coach will help users to identify, achieve and sustain small healthy habits, for lasting changes to physical and mental health. Support will be available 24/7 via mobile phone, and is suited around users schedule.

The application involves personalised support areas, such as:

  • Losing weight sustainably
  • Feel better mentally
  • Optimise health

The application involves:

  1. Initial data capture involving a 4 minute conversation to identify motivations, current behaviours and goals.
  2. Personalised recommendations such as articles, recipies, challenges, reminders and reflective chats
  3. User input such as habits, mood and health progress

Holly Health can be used by people aged 18-75 years old, people who are motivated to develop small achievable habits to improve mental and physical health.

Supporting Rationale

The Holly Health product was developed utilising an evidence based approach, including the analysis of hundreds of studies and reports into behaviour change for disease prevention and weight loss.

Product Evaluation

Holly Health are ORCHA and DTAC accredited, have a clinical safety officer, have an up to date DPIA and have clear privacy policy and terms.

They have an 89% ORCHA score (which is in the top 2% of assessed apps).


App Store: 4.4/5

Google Play: 4.3/5


Endorsed by 80+ GP practices in the UK.

Additional Information

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Content last updated: 27/10/2022.

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