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Background and aims

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Southwark Council recognised the serious consequences that COVID-19 may have for many of their residents and that for some people this could mean that a loss of income could put people at serious risk of being evicted and becoming homeless. Importantly, Southwark also recognised the need to offer support for domestic and sexual abuse for both men and women, with incidences found to be rising as a hidden consequence of COVID-19.


In response, Southwark Council set up a dedicated go-to resource that provided information and expert advice on issues such as finding temporary accommodation, homelessness and financial support. 

Their go-to resource also provided advice and support for individuals who were directly experiencing domestic and / or sexual abuse or being impacted by this in their home. The resource provided information on the following topics as well as direct signposting to services locally and nationally for immediate help:

  • What domestic abuse is
  • Domestic abuse and how to get help
  • Leaving home because of domestic abuse
  • Support for staying in your home during domestic abuse
  • Local and national support organisations for domestic and sexual abuse survivors
  • Staying safe whilst accessing information on domestic abuse
  • Help for young people displaying abusive behaviours in their relationships

Additional information

You can find out more about the Southwark housing solution service by accessing Southwark homelessness advice page.

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Content last updated: 25/11/2022.

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