What would make you a good Organisational member?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is taken seriously within your organisation
  • You are part of a movement for health and social justice
  • You want to eradicate the preventable causes of mental ill-health
  • You want to bring up your family in a happy healthy place
  • You want to be part of the suicide prevention movement
  • You believe that suicide can and must be prevented
  • You want to meet and network with likeminded leaders and organisations
  • You value the mental health of your employees and want to take steps to support this.

What we ask from Organisational members?

  • Host and promote our suicide awarenes training on your intranet or learning platform
  • Act as a suicide prevention Role model to employees 
  • Promote ZSA in local area with our support
  • Share content online to raise awareness of ZSA and suicide prevention
  • Engagement/Consultation. Tell us what your struggles are so we can best support you
  • Attend ZSA events and conferences
  • Present at ZSA events and share your successful solutions
  • Where possible collaborate with other members to share best practice and pool resources
  • Ability to nominate one member of staff as the Suicide Prevention Lead with authority to represent your organisation
  • Share practical action ideas and plans
  • Help us to gain sponsors for our Global Leaders to generate action products
  • Identify your rising stars to our ‘ZSA Leadership Fellowships’.

In exchange what we offer organisational members?

  • Training: Files provided for free to allow organisation to host training on own intranet/learning platform
  • Free learning and sharing invites to events
  • Support for fundraising for suicide prevention
  • Communication and media-ready resources and national network- case studies
  • Leaders facts into action tools
  • Access to all best practice recommendations, how to guides, briefing papers. Local data and information, shared business plans and ‘Action” resources
  • Policies and strategies- real life implementation
  • Real life implementation, challenges and solutions
  • VIP Access to new resources
  • Likeminded networking with other organisations
  • Promotion of your organisation (name, logo, contact details) on our website
  • Promotion of your rising (and risen) stars, leaders and champions
  • Our team is here to help you, if you are stuck, need support or advice, you can get in touch with us and we will help however we can to reach the right solutions for you.

Already taking part?

Here you can check to see if your organisation is already taking steps to tackle suicide as a member of the ZSA. 

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