What would make you a good ZSA Supporter?

  • You care about people
  • You want to make change happen
  • You believe everyone can have good mental health
  • You believe that suicide can and must be prevented
  • You are willing to share and collaborate
  • You want to be part of something bigger
  • You might have lived experience of suicide and want to share your story
  • Professional working in the field of suicide prevention
  • You are leading change in your organisation, community, region, country

What we ask from our ZSA Supporters?

  • Act as a suicide prevention Role model
  • Promote ZSA in local area with our support
  • Share content online to raise awareness of ZSA and suicide prevention
  • Engagement/Consultation for future projects
  • Share with us what you want us to take action on
  • Help us co-produce the products you need to help us take action
  • Promote your success. Share your solutions with us

In exchange what we offer ZSA Supporters?

  • Regular communication about ZSA work and other members work
  • VIP Access to new resources
  • Briefing papers and customised data
  • Peer networking opportunities
  • Personal story platform
  • Fundraising opportunities/fundraising kits
  • Regional engagement events


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