ZSA Big Quiz!

As well as raising money for and awareness of Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA), we want you to use our ZSA Big Quiz to have some fun!

The ZSA Big Quiz has 10 pre-recorded rounds of trivia including sport, film and TV, history and music. There’s something for everybody, whatever your age and whatever you’re into.

On this page, you’ll find more information about the quiz and from Friday 10 September, the quiz itself!

Information pack and quiz resources

Access The Big Quiz

Here is the Big ZSA Quiz...

Our ready-made quiz can be played at any time and takes the hassle out of planning a quiz night with friends, family or colleagues.

How many rounds will there be and what topics will you be covering?

There are 10 rounds of trivia including sport, film and TV, history and music.

There’ll be something for everybody, whatever your age and whatever you’re into.

What is the format of the quiz?

The ZSA Big Quiz has been put together as a pre-recorded hassle free package for you to use when you’re hosting a quiz night.

Roy Walker features as your quiz host and each of our celebrities is hosting two different rounds and has recorded the quiz questions and answers. There are also some short videos to watch along the way.

All we ask is that you make a donation to the ZSA for using our quiz.

How can I play with others online?

If you’re setting up an online quiz night with others, you can use platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom to arrange your group catch up and one of you can share the video on screen to play along to.

You can share how you’re getting on and promote that you’re supporting the ZSA Big Quiz on social media using the hashtag #ZSABigQuiz 

Where do I find the quiz?

The ZSA Big Quiz will be on our YouTube channel and embedded on our Competitor Area webpage.

Is the quiz interactive?

This hasn’t been developed as an interactive quiz. To try and make this as accessible and easy as possible so everyone can enjoy the quiz, the quiz is in a video format that is hosted on our YouTube channel and embedded on our Competitor Area webpage.

If you’re playing this virtually with others, this is something you can play along to with through platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom by arranging a call that you all join.

Will there be a winner?

The quiz is about having some fun whilst raising awareness and money for a great cause – which makes us all winners.  

If you’re getting together with friends, family or colleagues or are planning to host an event, you may want to organise your own prize.

Even though there won’t be an official prize, we’d still love to hear how you get on! Please tag us on social media and use the hashtag #ZSABigQuiz or email us with your feedback. 

How do I donate?

You can make a donation to support our work via Virgin Giving

Don’t miss out on your certificate! Don’t forget to email us at contactus@zerosuicidealliance.nhs.uk and let us know if you enjoyed the quiz and how much you raise so we can send you your certificate.

What are donations used for?

You donations are used to support the important work the Zero Suicide Alliance does towards preventing suicide.

About our work

  • Our life saving FREE suicide awareness training has been accessed over 1.7 million times. Your donations will help to keep this resource free so that anyone can gain the confidence to speak out and learn how to save a life.
  • We develop bespoke training packages for different industry sectors, tailoring support to the specific issues faced by their workforces.
  • Individuals, communities and organisations can access our FREE interactive ZSA Resources to support the wider suicide prevention work happening across our communities. These resources pull all the facts into one, easily accessible place – providing information about your local area, and linking to other areas that have had, or are having similar issues. So we can share the initiatives that work well.

Meet your quiz hosts 

We’re delighted to have been joined by some fantastic quiz hosts and are extremely grateful for the support our celebrities have offered.

We have…

Roy Walker – main host of the ZSA Big Quiz

Roy Walker smiling wearing a suit


Comedian and TV presenter Roy Walker is best known as the original host of the popular ITV game show Catchphrase.  A regular on TV and radio comedy programmes and gameshows Roy recently appeared in the BBC travel show The Real Marigold Hotel.



Kaitlyn Akinpelumi

A headshot of Kaitlyn Akinpelumi


Manchester born actor Kaitlyn will be known to movie fans for the highly-anticipated film The School for Good and Evil which is set for a NETFLIX release in 2022. Her film and TV credits include The Syndicate, Coronation Street and Hetty Feather (CBBC).



Kelly Condron

Kelly Condron smiling


Television actor and voiceover artist Kelly made a dramatic return to the soap opera Hollyoaks this summer after a gap of 15 years.  She first appeared as Zara Morgan in the Channel 4 drama in 1999.




Suzie Cox

Suzie Cox smiling


European aerobic gymnastic champion Suzie was well known to primetime TV audiences in the 1990s as the Gladiator Vogue.  Now the mother of two is putting her winning streak and energy into motivational speaking, podcasting, presenting and as an advocate for women’s health.




Vicky Myers

Vicky Myers smiling wearing a Zero Hero t-shirt


Actor Vicky Myers is known to Coronation Street fans as DS Swain who is heading up the investigation into a brutal hate crime. Other screen credits include roles in Age Before Beauty, Russell T Davies’ Second Coming, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.




Dan Westwood

Dan Westwood smiling



Actor and TV/radio presenter and podcaster Dan Westwood hosts his own programme on Gorgeous Radio. The former CBeebies and Coronation Street actor has spoken openly about his own struggle with anxiety and having suicidal thoughts.


Don’t miss out on your certificate!

Let us know how much money you raise by email to contactus@zerosuicidealliance.nhs.uk so we can send you a thank you certificate!