We sit under the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust also charity and rely on your donations to ensure that we can continue in our mission to strive for a Zero Suicide society.

The ZSA is a charity hosted by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust. We follow NHS processes along with complying with Government Service Standards. 

We are also proud to have worked closely with suicide prevention leaders from across the health and social care sector in the UK and beyond. We have more than 700 member organisations many of which are NHS Trusts.

The ZSA training has been developed to be as user friendly and accessible as possible. However, the training has not been designed for young people specifically.

In our Resources Library you will find international examples of excellent school based programmes which have been designed specifically for young people.

We are currently working with Universities UK to develop a training module for 18-25 year olds. Sign up as a supporter for updates on the progress of this module.

Unfortunately we don’t have capacity to deliver training face-to-face. However, many of our members have delivered the group training using the online module and facilitating the session with time for questions and group discussion. If you would like to do this we can support by sharing certificates to recognise those who attended and took part.

If you have an event you would like us to attend please contact us and we will try to accommodate. Our team include a number of seasoned speakers who would be delighted to attend your event. We can also offer ZSA event stalls to organisations for fairs or conferences.

The ZSA is a charity hosted by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

All donations received through the Mersey Care charity go directly into our suicide awareness and prevention work.

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